We'll Miss You, Hardy

We had a wild ride Friday from 6-9 a.m. ET and, I have to say, many of the stories developed during the show.

It started with Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) outlining the "New Deal" when it comes to counter-terror laws in the U.K. In between the questions and answers from the press we wove in Col. David Hunt and Stephen Schwartz talking terror and the effect these new laws will have on the war. These guys know their stuff. And Blair really has a plan for fighting terrorists within his own country: If you go public with your support for terrorists, spew hate against the country, express sympathy for Al Qaeda (search) or stonewall an investigation then you're heading to the British Big House. We also tracked the Russian sub as that crew tries to avoid their date with death. For the first time all week we did not have a major space shuttle story to discuss or a thrilling repair job to observe.

As for guests, we finally got Ed Klein (search) on to discuss his bestseller the "Truth About Hillary." I read it and it's so well written and the characters so well known that you just can't put it down unless, of course, your last name is Clinton. We don't know his sources, but he said off camera they are impeccable and pointed out to me how often Bob Woodward uses anonymous sources and he seems to have plenty of believers. I'm kind of intrigued that Senator Clinton's people are watching our show, maybe they realize how many of you watch and how much she needs you in her corner.

But, the week and Friday's show belonged to our man, Hardy. As you may know, he's moving on to the local FOX morning show and we will miss him. He makes a real impact behind the scenes by listening watching and laughing — OK, sometimes sleeping (just kidding). When we have our best shows the studio is alive and often time the studio team picks us up when the energy is low and the news dispiriting. Hardy has a unique build, perspective and often times made a contribution on camera. Jess Todtfeld, our veteran cagey segment producer, was editing our tribute package up until 11 p.m. Thursday night. The package, along with Hardy's awesome exit with intern Amanda, his chair and a cab was priceless.

Side note: Guess who seems to be on steroids? Here's a clue: This guy called Jose Canseco a liar and Congress he was clean. Give up? Rafael Palmeiro is his name and he was heading to Baseball's Hall of Fame until he failed his random drug test. What a joke and it seems like Canseco's book gets more valuable to baseball with each passing day. It's too bad he gets so little credit.

Speaking of books, if you want to read a steroid-free sports book, go get "The Games Do Count" and take home the only set of athletic exploits we all can relate to. If you'd like it signed, visit www.BrianKilmeade.com and follow the prompts.

Have a great weekend and thanks for keeping us No. 1!


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