Topics and Guests for July 30

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Here's what you'll find on our show this weekend:

Authorities continue to drain a pond in Aruba and begin to sift through a landfill in the ongoing search for Natalee Holloway (search). Earlier, Holloway's parents were relieved to learn that a blond piece of hair attached to a piece of duct tape did not belong to Natalee. If the pond and landfill yield no results, what's next for investigators? We'll get insight from T.J. Ward, the Holloway's private investigator, criminologist Casey Jordan and Marcia Twitty, Natalee's aunt.

Then, Texas-based volunteer group EquuSearch (search) scoured the island of Aruba for three weeks looking for Natalee Holloway before heading home due to a lack of leads. However, some members have returned, bringing new equipment with them. We'll get an update from EquuSearch member Kent Schneider.

And, all four suspects in the botched July 21 London bombings are in custody. But are more people responsible for the failed attacks and, if so, will the detained suspects give up their buddies? John Loftus, former Department of Justice prosecutor, and Steve Purl, former Scotland Yard special ops, weigh in.

Plus, an illegal immigrant with a lengthy DUI rap sheet kills a man and injures the man's family in a drunk driving accident. So why wasn't he deported a long time ago? We'll ask Rex Gore, district attorney of Brunswick County, N.C.

Those stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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