Topics and Guests: August 4

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Behavioral specialists question Joran van der Sloot (search). His lawyers say he's innocent. But is his body language telling a different story? Greta looks for answers on tonight's edition of "On the Record," live from Aruba.

In one month — on September 4 — Joran van der Sloot could be released from jail. We'll get reaction fom Natalee Holloway's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty.

A tip to police set off a massive search of the Aruba landfill. We'll have an exclusive interview with the man who led police to the landfill.

Reports from witnesses have led investigators to drain a pond, search a garbage dump, and scour beaches. Are they on a wild goose chase or are they close to solving the Natalee Holloway mystery? We'll ask Jim Hammer, former San Francisco assistant district attorney, and Arlene Ellis Schipper, Aruban attorney.

Is the massive search for Natalee Holloway putting some of the islands smallest residents in danger? We'll investigate.

And, why are Tim Miller, director of Texas Equusearch, and private investigator T.J. Ward wanted by the Aruban police for questioning? Have they broken the law? We'll ask Ruben Trapenberg, Aruban government spokesman.

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