NHL Top Pick Crosby Shows Stuff on Leno

But does he do laundry? Teen hockey sensation Sidney Crosby (search) fired several pucks at a clothes dryer on the "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" (search) on Thursday, a tribute to the family appliance that he once battered when he honed his skills for a future career in the NHL.

Crosby, who was chosen No. 1 by the Pittsburgh Penguins (search) in last Saturday's draft, said he began playing at age 2 in the family basement. His mother's clothes dryer served as his goal.

"It got a good beating," the 17-year-old said. "There wasn't a button left on it."

"After a while, she didn't care," he said of his mother.

He added that the family recently replaced the old appliance.

"Well that's a nice thing," Leno cracked. "Mom, I'm making millions now. I got you a new dryer.'"

To show what he'd learned, Crosby took some shots at a dryer on "The Tonight Show" set, missing several times before he sent a puck through the machine's open door and activated a red light on top, signaling a "goal."