Jude's New Nanny Less Tempting

Doesn't look as if Jude Law (search) will be falling back into bed with his kids' nanny anytime soon.

Meet Mistress Meena (search), the matronly middle-European successor to the child-minder Law repeatedly Alfie'd behind the back of then-fiancée Sienna Miller (search).

In her mid-50s, the plump Meena, originally from Poland, is not one for glamour or even fashion — a recent sighting had her in baggy pants, an unflattering pink and mauve striped V-neck top and leather flip-flops.

And she's a far, far cry from Daisy Wright (search), the pub-crawling, comely 26-year-old who last month confessed to three rounds of "mind-blowing, rampant sex" on her first night with skirt-chasing Hollywood metrosexual Jude.

Law's ex-wife, Sadie Frost (search), angrily fired Wright after one of the couple's sons told her how he'd caught Daddy in the sack with his nanny.

She then chose Meena so that her former hubby would have absolutely no temptation when he visited his three children.

Now that danger seems pretty well past.

"Meena's great with the kids and they're the only thing that concerns her," a source told The Mirror newspaper in Britain. "She's pretty much in charge of the day-to-day child care duties and seems entirely focused on the job at hand."

The cheating ways of love rat Law, 32, were first exposed when Wright sold steamy details of their affair to a London newspaper. As a result, Miller, 23, ripped off her ring and called off their engagement.

A remorseful Jude, who admitted his betrayal, is desperately trying to win Miller back, sending her flowers every day and repeatedly calling her with tearful apologies — so far to no avail. Since the scandal, Sienna has since been spotted out with ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom (search).

Meanwhile, a pool table near the New Orleans set where Law was filming "All the King's Men" is up for sale on eBay with a starting bid price of $2,800.

"We made love on the pool table amongst balls and cues. It was very funny. I will never forget the balls flying everywhere around us," Wright said last month.

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