Documents You Need for a Mortgage

Mortgage Checklist:

• W-2 forms from the last year

• One current paystub showing your name, current earnings and year-to-date gross income

• Proof of additional income, such as alimony or child support, if you want it considered in your loan decision

• Checking and savings accounts:
— Names in which each account is held
— Account number and balance
— Name and address of financial institution
— Two months of statements

• Stocks, bonds, and securities:
— Names in which each item is registered
— Number of shares and current dollar value per share
— Name of issuing company
— Two months of statements

• Proof of rental or mortgage payments on your current residence:
— Name and address of landlord or mortgage lender

• Real estate you own, including current residence:
— Name and address of each mortgage lender
— Remaining mortgage balance
— Amount of monthly mortgage payment (principal, interest, taxes, insurance)
— Amount of homeowner’s association dues
— Rental income, if applicable

• Vested interest in a retirement plan:
— Two months of statements

• All debts:
— Name and address of each creditor
— Account number
— Monthly payment amount
— Current unpaid balance

• Name and address of your previous employer, if you have had your current job fewer than two years

• Name, address and phone number of key contacts, such as your real estate professional, insurance agent and closing agent