Have a question about your FOX Fan e-mail newsletters? Want to get the inside scoop on FNC? Then you've come to the right place.


I am a FOX Fan, but the FOX News Shop is not recognizing me. What do I do?

If you know that you are in fact a registered FOX Fan, then here's how to get into the FOX News Shop:

1. Go to the FOX News Shop. Click and move the black dot from "Retail customer" to "FOX Fan." Type in your e-mail address under FOX Fan, then scroll down the page and click "submit."

2. Next you will have to pick a user name and password and fill in the rest of the information to register with the FOX News Shop. Please note that FOX Fan Central and the FOX News Shop do not share the same database and therefore the information you need to enter to access the FOX News Shop may differ from what you use to access FOX Fan Central. After you are done, scroll down and click "register."

3. You should now be in the FOX News Shop.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact the FOX News Shop via their Help Center.

I am a FOX Fan but I did not receive my FOX Fan discount at the FOX News Shop. What should I do?

If you placed an order and did not receive your discount at the FOX News Shop or if you have any other questions about the FOX News Shop contact customer service Monday through Friday (8 am to 8 pm EST) toll free at 1.877.588.8932.


How do I subscribe or, sadly, unsubscribe?

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from one our newsletters, simply go to the Manage Your Subscriptions to update your current information to reflect what newsletter(s) you want or don't want to be subscribed to.

PLEASE NOTE — If you are trying to manage your subscription to the FNC Alerts, you will need to go to If you are having problems with your FNC Alert subscription, please e-mail

When I receive my newsletter the body of the message is blank or it is just HTML code (i.e. “garbledy-gook”). How do I fix it?

The "garbledy-gook" is HTML code that is not being translated by your e-mail browser. This occurs with certain ISPs (internet service providers). The majority of our subscribers do not have this problem.

One of the first things you should do is make sure that your e-mail browser is HTML enabled. If you are continuing to have problems, your best bet would be to contact your ISP to see why you are receiving blank or HTML code e-mails from us.

If you are still unable to view the HTML version of the FNC Update, go to the Manage Your Subscriptions page and change your subscription to the TEXT format. We are sorry, but the FOX 411 is not available in a TEXT format.

And if you are still stuck, e-mail us at

If you would like to change your e-mail address or anything else relating to your registration, what should you do?

Yep, you guessed it, just go to the Profile Page.


You have the best-dressed male newscasters with the nicest suits I have seen on TV. Do you require this of everyone, or do you supply all their clothes?

Gwen Marder, one of our FOX Fashion Stylists says, "Thank you for noticing. TV is a very visual medium and we feel that paying attention to every aspect of production is important; lighting, graphics, music, sets and, of course, wardrobe. The wardrobe department combs the menswear and womenswear clothing markets to bring our talent the most professional and coordinated looks that complete the successful FOX visual impact."

I love some of the music that I hear on FNC. Who creates it and how can I purchase a copy of it?

The music you're hearing is "production music" — one musical theme included in an entire library of music that producers choose from when assembling their shows. These libraries are made up of many CDs, are expensive, and are not generally available. Some of our producers offer to record themselves playing their own instruments, but it just never sounds as good.

What is the date that FOX News Channel first went on the air?

FOX News Channel premiered on October 7, 1996 (amidst predictions of failure!).

Is a studio tour or some other similar activity available at the New York headquarters for interested visitors?

We are not currently conducting tours of our New York facility. However, if you are in town you can come by to see FOX & Friends. They'll be hosting outdoor performances, how-to’s and asking the opinion of passers-by. You can be one of them! If you're in New York City, stop by our headquarters weekdays between 6am and 9am at 1211 Avenue of the Americas. We'd love to see you.

What does Shepard Smith mean by the "G block?"

Each segment of our shows is titled with a letter of the alphabet. We call the segments "blocks." A block is made up of the time between each commercial break and is sometimes further broken down into smaller segments such as A1, A2, A3...
When Shep Smith refers to the "G Block" he is indicating that it is the seventh and last block of FOX Report. It is usually the segment in which he discusses entertainment and "lighter" stories.

In a news broadcast, when a correspondent is reporting a story, sometimes there is a window with a video feed or a still picture regarding the story being shown over his shoulder. What is that window called?

There are several different windows that appear on the screen. The one you are referring to is simply called "over the shoulder" or OTS. When you see two boxes on the screen it is often referred to as a "double box" graphic. If video is running in only one window, that window is referred to as "the video window."

How and where do you get your poll results?

FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Polls are conducted via telephone through a process called "random digit dialing." Random sampling is the best way to select respondents that will be representative of the entire population. FOX News typically interviews approximately 900 people nationwide for its biweekly poll.

How do I order a tape or transcript?

If you are looking for a tape or transcript of Your World with Neil Cavuto, The Big Story with John Gibson, Special Report with Brit Hume, The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes, On The Record with Greta Van Susteren, FOX News Sunday, FOX News Watch, or The Beltway Boys, you may call the Federal Document Clearing House at 1-888-44-FOXTV, e-mail them at

How can I order a copy of one of Oliver North’s War Stories?

All the episodes of War Stories with Oliver North are available for purchase. You can visit our War Stories video page or call 1-800-933-0760.

Why isn't my question in the FOX FAN FAQ?

If you have a pressing question that isn't answered here or have suggestions, please e-mail us

For more general questions about FOX News, please go to our FNC FAQ Page.