Fast Facts: Troop Fatalities

List of some of the deadliest reported incidents for U.S. troops in Iraq:

• Aug. 3, 2005: A Marine amphibious assault vehicle strikes a roadside bomb in western Iraq near the Syrian border, killing 14 Marines.

• Aug. 1, 2005: Seven Marines are killed during operations to stem the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq. Six Marines are killed in combat in Haditha and one is killed by a homicide car bomb in Hit.

• Jan. 26, 2005: A U.S. CH-53 transport helicopter crashes in bad weather in Iraq's western desert, killing at least 31 Marines.

• Dec. 21, 2004: A homicide bomb attack at a mess tent in a base near Mosul kills 22 people, including 14 U.S. soldiers.

• Nov. 15, 2003: Two Black Hawk helicopters collide while trying to avoid ground fire in Mosul, killing 17 U.S. troops and wounding five.

• Nov. 2, 2003: Chinook transport helicopter shot down by shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile near Fallujah, killing 16 American soldiers and wounding 26.

• March 23, 2003: Eleven American troops killed in ambush of 507th Maintenance Company convoy in Nasiriyah. Army Pvt. Jessica Lynch and six others are captured.