The Bolton Battle Is Over

John Bolton (search) is finally U.N. ambassador from the United States. The president got so much flak about Bolton — he's the original blue meanie, evidently — that Bush had to use a recess appointment to get him in there.

It's an embarrassment to Bolton that the U.S. Senate wouldn't or couldn't approve him because Democrats had decided the only way to hurt Bush was to stand in the way of his appointments.

But it's also an embarrassment to the U.S. Senate — or it should be — but senators are so used to embarrassment it just doesn't get you very far in the U.S. Senate.

Anyway, Bolton is on his way to Turtle Bay, which is that spot on the East River in New York where the U.N. headquarters rises majestically and where anti-Americanism is the soup of the day. That's good. I hope Bolton doesn't worry much about diplomacy and he makes some people over there mad.

I hope he doesn't worry much about the Senate ever approving him, and he serves his term as a recess appointment, gets a few things done, and leaves with his head held high.

By the way, it isn't the same U.N. that it was a few years ago.

Now France is leading the way in profiling terrorists, tapping their phones, burglarizing their houses to plant spy chips on their computers and shipping them out of the county at the slightest provocation.

Bolton's job is to remind the world that France is doing those things, and the whining they may engage in about the U.S. in Guantanamo Bay (search) and elsewhere is just French hypocrisy. Their attitude is we can do it because we are the French, but you cannot because you are not the French.

The Italians are probably a little more pliable too, realizing they may have been harboring a few terrorists who may just bomb something nearby rather than plot against far away America.

The Canadians need a reminder or two about how they are much too accommodating to terrorists.

The Saudis need a bit of a slapping around because, after all, their official Wahhabi sect (search) is where all this stuff starts.

After a suitable period of mourning for the Saudi king who just died, we expect Bolton to hop to it.

I know we won't be disappointed.

That's My Word.

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