Big Kudos to the French

Notify the media! This is a "Nixon goes to China" deal.

A plane crash happens in Canada — a French plane, no less. Some of you out there think this is like hitting the exacta for me, and that is exceedingly unkind of you to think, I must say.

It's a plane crash after all. People could get hurt or killed.

In fact, when you look at pictures of this burned out hulk you've got to figure people did die. But no, they did not. All 309 people on board Air France Flight 358 (search) — an A340 Airbus — scampered off the jetliner within about five minutes of it coming to a rest, all busted and starting to burn in a ditch at the end of the runway.

That is truly amazing and quite a miracle.

And here's the best part: It was a French aircrew that did it. French flight attendants — about a dozen of them — hustled those people off the plane in what has to be record time.

Some of these people even grabbed their carry-on luggage, which is, of course, a big no-no. In these situations you have to get off in a hurry. Leave your change of clothes behind. You can get more.

So I say, here are richly deserved kudos to the Air France flight attendants. They got their passengers off alive — muddy, wet, jumbled, and scared to death — but alive. I still have a lingering issue with the co-pilot who was found soaking wet walking on the nearby highway. Shouldn't he have been helping his passengers get off? Oh well, the French will investigate him.

As for the cabin crew, they get a big "attaboy," or way to go, or an official "Croix de Big Story" for a job well done. This is, after all, their real job. They only pretend to care about getting you drinks and something to nosh on. Their real job is getting your sorry butt off the burning aircraft before you get burnt to a crisp.

The Frenchies did it and what the heck, I'm big enough to say the Frenchies did something right.

So there you go. A big congrats to the French aircrew.

Now, is all forgiven?

That's My Word.

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