Laredo, Texas
11:35 am

ed. note: Watch the "FOX Report" tonight at 7 pm ET for more on the recent explosion of violence along the Texas-Mexico border where 43 Americans have been kidnapped in the past year.

I'm sitting in a black vinyl strap chair with a rotating fan behind me in a key shop. Seated to my right is Rosita. She has two large pins on her blouse, pictures of her two sons. The images are slightly blurry and not centered. Rosita has large round glasses on. When she starts to cry Alfredo begins to get the camera ready without any words between us.

It's been eight months for Rosita. As she talks, two small tears work their way from the outer edges of her eyes and hold there for a while before slowly starting a trickle down the side of her dry face. I sink lower on my vinyl strap. I hear the fan. I had been here before and now I was here again. The tears were small, just droplets. Maybe after eight months there wasn't much left.

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Thanks for what you are doing there on the border. Why the Mexican border hasn't interested news people more in the past 10 years we aren't sure but we can guess.

Concerned Readers
Rockbridge Baths, VA

Mr. Harrigan,

Where have you been? Your blog is my favorite and I've missed it. Growing up in Texas I spent some of my youth in Laredo. Hot. Dry. Good food. Stay away from the fish tacos across the border.

C. Saunders
Maineville, OH

Hi Steve,

I have been a fan of yours several years, since I saw you reporting for Afghanistan when the war was first starting up there. I always enjoy your reporting. I guess one reason that I am particularly a fan is because, although I am an American, I live in Mindanao, Philippines. I know you have been here several times, and it always interests me to see your reports from here. Take care, and keep blogging!

Mindanao, Philippines


Nice to see your blog is has been missed! I had to go google "bastard sauce" after I read it! How are the mosquitoes in Laredo?

The Woodlands, TX

Welcome back, Steve. I have sorely missed your blogs. They are always fascinating.

Tony in Texas

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.