The Pecking Order

August 2, 2005

I was in a chicken house today (a "cage free" facility, by the way) and Bob the owner mentioned something about the "pecking order" of the hens.

I hadn't given the phrase much thought before.

"Pecking order?" I asked. "Do the birds really have that?"

He told me they do. The bigger, stronger chickens take the top perches on the highest platforms, and the weakest birds are on the bottom levels.

That's the pecking order.

* * *

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E-mail Rick!


This is the first time that I saw you substituting on John Gibson's "Big Story", great job. You write very well. Very talented.

An Avid FOX News Fan,

You were terrific as the host today! You had enthusiasm and wonderful rapport with your guests. This was the first time we have seen you host a show. You were a success! Keep doing such good work!

Jim and Judy


You put flutters in my stomach and tears in my eyes with your short, but very descriptive words of the Discovery liftoff. Thank you for taking me back to when I was young. I was right there with you and I miss the excitement we used to feel with the countdown and liftoff.

Leslie in Austin, Texas

Hey Rick,

Chills and bumps. Heart flutters and big smiles. That was awesome! Great coverage!. Did it make you wish you had been an astronaut instead of a news reporter? Glad everything went well for you all and thanks for the blog this morning...always interesting and informative. Now we can worry about getting them, and you, back down.

Rockbridge Baths, VA

We enjoy your work and commentary. Thank you for all your efforts and keep your feet clean, ok?

— Mary Kay


I also had my bare feet wanded, but I had set off the scanner. I have a pin in my foot and the TSA guy went crazy trying to figure out why his detector kept going off. He used two devices!! When I told him that I had metal in my foot, he brought over his fellow TSA types to show them. It was funny!! So I guess there could be some method to their madness.

Mike Jude


I once saw a airport screener wand some Boy Scouts who were in uniform with their badges. After that came a ancient old lady barely walking, and he wanded her. When it was my turn I told the man if we have to wand Boy Scouts and little old ladies we have lost already.

— Eric