Back to Work

Laredo, Texas
2:19 pm

"I traveled the world in an attempt to understand the criminal mind."

You can tell a lot about a cameraman by how he packs a car. I thought this while watching the freelancer Alfredo as he loaded up the back of the white Expedition. Even before he moved anything I saw the gear was organized into two piles, one small fortress of carry-on gear with the camera and my messenger bag surrounded by hard black cases, a shield from feet or thieves.

There was no rush but he began loading fast, lowering half the back seat then starting with black pelican cases going in on their sides. I followed, grabbing the same size case and putting it in the way he did. With the smaller gray cases he took two at a time.

Steak a rechera, which Alfredo translated as bastard sauce. Hot. Lemonade. Good. Watery. Cold. Very good to be back at work.

E-mail Harrigan

Mr. Harrigan,

Where have you been? Your blog is my favorite and I've missed it. Growing up in Texas I spent some of my youth in Laredo. Hot. Dry. Good food. Stay away from the fish tacos across the border.

C. Saunders
Maineville, OH

Hi Steve,

I have been a fan of yours several years, since I saw you reporting for Afghanistan when the war was first starting up there. I always enjoy your reporting. I guess one reason that I am particularly a fan is because, although I am an American, I live in Mindanao, Philippines. I know you have been here several times, and it always interests me to see your reports from here. Take care, and keep blogging!

Mindanao, Philippines


Nice to see your blog is has been missed! I had to go google "bastard sauce" after I read it! How are the mosquitoes in Laredo?

The Woodlands, TX

Welcome back, Steve. I have sorely missed your blogs. They are always fascinating.

Tony in Texas

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.