Topics and Guests: July 27

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New clues. New evidence. New twists. Are we on the edge of a big break in the Natalee Holloway case? We'll get an update from Natalee's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, and her stepfather, George "Jug" Twitty.

Also, authorities continue to drain the pond across from the Marriott Hotel where Natalee Holloway (search) was last seen while investigators await the results of DNA analysis from labs in the Netherlands and the United States. What clues lead them to this new search area and what can cops learn now, more than eight weeks after Natalee’s mysterious disappearance? Greta investigates.

Plus, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe (search) face a new round of interrogations tomorrow but can they refuse to answer the questions? Former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman weighs in.

And, Greta reveals the real reason why the three suspects in the case were ordered to give DNA samples to investigators. Aruba Today (search) investigative reporter Tito Lacle has new information from the Caribbean.

Then, investigators say they are optimistic that the case of a disappearing honeymooner will be solved. Newlywed groom George Smith (search) vanished from a cruise ship in the Mediterranean after witnesses say they heard voices arguing aboard the ship. Did he jump? Was he pushed overboard? "A Current Affair" (search) correspondent Michael Bryant has the latest on this bizarre disappearance.

Plus, a frantic search is underway in Philadelphia for a missing pregnant woman. Latoyia Figueroa (search) was the victim of a crime earlier this year. Could that be connected to her disappearance? Greta speaks with Philly investigators about the case tonight.

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