'Race Against Time'

It's getting exciting in Britain as we learn about bust after bust in the major crackdown on terror in the U.K. You wonder sometimes when investigators says it's a "race against time" to stop a third bombing what they are going on and Wednesday we found out exactly what they had. As they grabbed one of the four suspected botched bombers from last Thursday, he was reported to have had on a loaded backpack on his body.

We also heard some encouraging news from Donald Rumsfeld (search) and Iraq's new prime minister about a pullout beginning next year. For the prime minister to call on forces to leave must mean he feels secure his government is on its way to surviving without our muscle -- which is great.

As for our show itself, we had TV Guide Channel come down to do a "behind the scenes" story on our show, so we tried to book at least one FUN segment. We rented the surfing machine and Steve and I tried to surf. Let's just say it's not going on any "Best of Friends" shows. I also mentioned that outhouses no longer exist in America and boy, was I mistaken. Sorry America, but I amazed that someone would have a computer and e-mail and no indoor plumbing, but it's true!

Did you know that Bill Clinton (search) got an offer he had to refuse from a Kenyan official? Forty goats and 20 sheep (maybe it was visa versa) for Chelsea's hand in marriage! It turns out that she has a boyfriend and his family has cattle.

My guest of the day is a tie: Jane Corbin and Lord Taylor. They know their stuff, speak their mind and are flat out insightful and logical.

Finally, I caught up with Billie Bob to talk about his starring role in "The Bad News Bears" as Buttermaker -- the wild man, "drunk" coach. Hard to believe he almost made the Kansas City Royals as a pitcher and truly knows the game. I am kicking myself for not putting him in my book "The Games Do Count," which, by the way, can be acquired and signed on www.briankilmeade.com and comes out in paperback this fall. Look for E.D.'s first book this fall as well!

Thanks for keeping us No. 1!


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