Guests and Topics: July 22

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Friday, July 22

We’ll have a live update from London where there are several key developments following yesterday’s terrorist bombings. Fox News Military Analyst Lt. Col Bill Cowan has the latest in the war on terror.

And, are the subway searches being conducted here at home a violation of our constitutional rights? What happens if these searches turn up something? Civil Rights attorney Michael Gross and “Surrounded by Idiots" author Mike Gallagher debate it.

Also, we'll go to Washington for the latest on the nomination of Judge John Roberts (search). Are Democrats formulating a strategy that could put the White House in a tough spot? Former Arizona senator Dennis Deconcini and former Colorado senator Hank Brown weigh in.

Then, it’s been a busy week in the Natalee Holloway (search) case. We’re live in Aruba for an update on all the recent activities and developments surrounding the search for the missing high school honor student. And, now that her family has increased the reward offering to $200,000 for Natalee’s safe return, do they expect people to come forward with information that could lead to a break in the case? We’ll ask Natalee’s uncle, Paul Reynolds.

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