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Saturday, July 16

Joseph Duncan (search), a convicted sex offender, was charged this week in Idaho with murder and kidnapping in the bludgeoning deaths of three members of a Coeur d'Alene family found slain May 16. He also abducted two children from the family home, killing 9-year-old Dylan Groene (search), and holding his 8-year-old sister hostage until he was arrested on July 2. Duncan says he stalked and staked out his victims. So who exactly is Joseph Duncan? What kind of a monster would commit such a heinous crime? And is he responsible for more mayhem? Geraldo investigates with former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman.

Also, Steve Groene, the distraught father of siblings Shasta and Dylan, joins the panel with more revelations about the man who murdered his son.

And, what kind of judge would let a committed sexual predator out on the streets? Bill O’Reilly is on the case calling on a nationwide campaign to rid the system of lazy judges.

Then, have you seen Leanna Warner (search)? Two years after the disappearance of the Chisolm, MN five-year-old, officials don't have any promising leads left to search for the girl. Parents Chris and Kaelin Warner join Geraldo with more on this tragic mystery.

Plus, the latest on Natalee Holloway's (search) disturbing disappearance. We’ll have a live report. With little evidence and no new leads, will the investigation turn into a cold case? Former FBI cold case investigator Ralph DiFranzo weighs in.

Also, we’ll have the story of a groom who mysteriously vanished from his honeymoon cruise. George Smith IV (search), who's been missing since July 5 when the ship sailed between Greece and Turkey, was reported missing after cleaners found bloodstains in the cabin. Was he murdered? Did he accidentally fall overboard? Geraldo speaks exclusively with an eyewitness who saw the bride and groom the night he disappeared. Don’t miss the interview you’ll see only on “At Large.”

And, National Geographic (search) correspondent Lisa Ling reports on the Sacramento State prison system. You won’t believe what she’s uncovered in her investigation of the jailhouse that's home to the most violent offenders in the country.

Plus, did the BTK (search) killer have his sights set on an eleventh victim? BTK interviewer Larry Hatteberg has the latest in the sordid tale of this serial killer.

Sunday, July 17

Tonight, Geraldo takes you on a broken-hearted mother’s personal journey as she scours the Midwest for the burial site of her murdered children. Teri Knight and her husband, Jim, are retracing killer Manuel Gehring's (search) path along I-80, where he said he dumped her two kids after shooting them. Teri and Jim Knight join Geraldo with their emotional tale.

Then, were Princess Diana (search) and John F. Kennedy, Jr (search). romantically involved? Royal watcher Ingrid Seward, co-author of the new book "Diana: The Last Word," dishes the dirt on Di’s & Jr.’s secret fling.

Also, Natalee Holloway's (search) uncle, Paul Reynolds, and former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman update Geraldo on the Aruba investigation that has authorities, family members, and the international community perplexed.

And, as police hunt for the mastermind behind the London terror attacks, British and FBI officials are investigating an al Qaeda (search) connection. Who is behind the carnage? We’ll profile the suspects and get a live report on the recent raids.

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