Guests and Topics: July 20

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Wednesday, July 20

Appeals court judge John G. Roberts Jr. (search) was thrust into the national spotlight when President Bush nominated him for the Supreme Court (search). Who is he, what does he stand for, and is Roberts the right choice to revolutionize the bench? We’ll ask former senior Bush White House advisor Mary Matalin.

Then, what kind of reception will John Roberts get on Capitol Hill? And as the Dems begin to sharpen their claws, what does the gang of 14 have to say? Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson weighs in.

And, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani tells Sean and Alan how his friend, John Roberts, will fit in as a Supreme Court justice.

Also, Christian Broadcasting Network's (search) Pat Robertson joins the discussion with the Christian conservative POV on Roberts’ nomination.

Then, an Aruba parks spokesman said a ranger found several strands of hair stuck to duct tape near a series of coastal caves. Will DNA testing solve the mystery? We’ll ask stepfather Jug Twitty about a possible break in the case of his missing stepdaughter, Natalee Holloway (search).

Plus, why would a former middle school teacher charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student in her classroom, in her home, and in her car want to stand trial? Accused teacher Debra LaFave's (search) ex-husband speaks out and you won’t believe what Owen LaFave has to say!

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