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Under the headline "never dull"... as our show was underway Tuesday night, and as I was interviewing Sen. Lindsey Graham (search) in our studio, all our lights went out in the studio. We were in absolute darkness. I am not sure why I seem to find myself in the dark recently as I anchor the show. The control room people were fast and put up a picture on the screen of the Supreme Court (search) nominee and Senator Graham and I talked in the dark. We could not see each other although we were sitting together. I mentioned the lights problem on air because I did not know how long it would last and I did not know that the camera was off our studio and on a graphic of Judge Roberts.

But alas... things got a big more confused. As we got into the commercial break and as I said goodbye to Senator Lindsey, my producer in New York told me in my earpiece that Beth Holloway Twitty (search) could not get to our set. Apparently there was a fire adjacent to our hotel set in Aruba and everyone was blocked from the hotel. Hence Beth's interview had to be moved and suddenly I had, out of order, two of Natalee's friends from Alabama.

After that interview I was told we had more problems. Beth still could not get to our set so we had to take another guest out of order — the park ranger who found the strands of blond hair. My producer said, "Speak slowly... your guest has some difficulty understanding English."

Finally, after the segment with the park ranger, I was told Beth was on our Aruba set and ready to go. We successfully completed that segment! Finally!

The show is "on the road" again on Wednesday... or at least sort of "on the road." I will anchor the show out of the New York City bureau tonight which is not exactly "on the road," since most of our staff works in the New York bureau and most of our technical people do their work for the show out of New York. I am the only one traveling.

There are several reasons to go to New York, but the catalyst is an interview with Jack Hanna and his "special guests." He is bringing a bunch of his "special guests" to the bureau and I am a huge animal fan. If I had not done so poorly in high school chemistry, I would have liked to try to get into vet school... that bad chemistry grade sent me to law school! I usually want to bring each of the animals home. I have the list of "special guests" Jack will be bringing but I want to surprise you. Well, here is a tease... Jack is bringing a two-year-old Flemish Giant Rabbit.

I also, from time to time, like to see the people I work with all day long by computer and phone. I assume they would like to see me, too, rather than look at me in a TV monitor.

We have big news at FOX today. A former colleague of mine — Bill Hemmer — is now a current colleague. Bill joined FOX yesterday after many years at CNN. I am not sure what his job will be at FOX, but I received e-mails and calls from friends at CNN today who were glad to see Bill come to FOX. His reputation is a very good one — everyone likes to work with him. He is an easy-going anchor who does his homework.

Also on today's blog is some "behind the scenes video" from one of our Aruba trips. It is edited by our intern, Aliza Kempner, for you.

E-mail No. 1

Does FOX realize that my three Netflix selections are sitting in their unopened mailers... and have been for weeks?? I can NOT turn off FOX News. But I find myself every night watching Bill O'Reilly, "Hannity & Colmes" to get to your "On the Record." I have become this absolute news freak.
I see no cure in the future with this Aruba mystery unsolved... I need life to get back to normal. Actually, I think I need therapy. Puhleeze, Greta... break Joran. He knows what happened to Natalee and where it happened. All of us are waiting for you to break the confession story.
Nashville, TN

ANSWER: I love that Rudi is now an "absolute news freak."

E-mail No. 2

This Aruba FOX hunt is over the top. Sean, Boycott Bill, Greta and other, second tier, FOX contributors are now displaying an America "uber all" mood and feeding this attitude into an already stressed out family (especially stepdad appeared dysfunctional from day one). The simple truth is that the Aruban authorities need a break in the case: finding Natalee alive or her remains. Psychopath Scott Peterson (search) was untouchable until Laci's remains washed ashore and law enforcement in Idaho needed and got a break in the Groene case. By the way, who killed Chandra Levy? (search) Are the Arubans incompetent? Perhaps! Absent any pertinent information, we can only ascertain that in hindsight. Incompetence does come to mind however when reading that three boys were alive for 17 hours in a trunk of a car in N.J. and failure by family, neighbors and police to check that car lead to their demise. Mark Lunsford's little girl would be alive today if not for ignorant incompetence; and this list of domestic mishaps and misdeeds is nearly endless. I suggest we work on this list first.
Ben Z.
Roswell, GA

E-mail No. 3

I'm a Midwesterner too but I know how to pronounce "Holloway." Please make the attempt and stop staying "Haliway" — that is so rude and irritating. You've been in Aruba reporting this case for weeks now; you would think you would have gotten it right by now; if only out of courtesy to Beth and Natalee's father, Dave. "Jug" the Joke doesn't count!
Phoenix, AZ

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