Petra Nemcova Devotes Herself to Charity

Brave supermodel Petra Nemcova (search) looked none the worse for wear Tuesday, seven months after the tsunami that shattered her pelvis and claimed the life of her photographer fiancé, Simon Atlee (search).

The stunning brunette is now back living in New York City. She's dividing her time between writing a book on her experiences and her Happy Hearts Fund, a charity she's set up to help the more than 1,200 children orphaned by the disaster.

"One of the hardest things I have seen is the look in the eyes of those children. It was so hard, because they had this lost feeling and this lost look in their eyes," Petra told The Post Tuesday.

"One of my goals is to bring back the stars in their eyes."

Speaking before her 26th-birthday party at the SoHo Grand Hotel last night, Nemcova described how the fund works with the Give2Asia Foundation and local charities to rebuild schools and dormitories for the orphans, and with local universities to provide them with emotional and psychological support.

Nemcova recently went back to Thailand and visited the hotel where she and Atlee stayed, hoping to close a grim chapter in her life.

She said she barely recognized the place -- it looked "like a cemetery."

Nemcova was not expected to walk again after the disaster, but intensive physiotherapy has helped her regain the use of her legs.

Her book will be released by Warner Books near year's end -- with all proceeds going to her charity.

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