Topics and Guests for July 18

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As Hurricane Emily (search) heads into the Gulf of Mexico could oil prices head even higher? We'll get insight from Kevin Kerr, editor of Resource Trading Alert.

Plus, when and where will Emily hit the United States? We'll ask Bernie Rayno, senior Accuweather meteorologist.

Atlanta radio talk show host Martha Zoller provides details of her 10-day trip to Iraq where she — and other talk show hosts — broadcasted live from Baghdad.

Is a bank here in the U.S. funneling money to terrorists? We'll ask Sarri Singer, injured in a bus bombing in Jerusalem, why she is suing Arab Bank (search).

Plus, what lures suicide bombers? Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, FOX News military analyst, weighs in.

Are prospective presidential candidates for 2008 rushing to the center? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Rich Galen, Republican strategist and editor of, and Juan Williams, senior correspondent for National Public Radio.

Had it with the IRS? Would a flat tax solve the problem? We'll ask Steve Forbes, president and CEO of Forbes, Inc. and author of "Flat Tax Revolution."

And, how would Wall Street respond to a flat tax? We'll take the market's temperature with former California gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon; Meredith Whitney, the executive director of CIBC World Markets, and Charles Beederman, author of "Trim Tabs Investing."

Should Congress stop China all together from getting its hands on U.S. corporations? Roger Simmermaker, author of "How Americans Can Buy American," joins the debate.

Plus, are R-rated movies keeping Hollywood's box office down? We'll examine the issue with Brent Bozell, president of the Parents Television Council.

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