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FOX Fan Central is inviting FNC viewers to post their messages of solidarity and support for Londoners and the British people. Send your comments to speakout@foxnews.com. Read on to see what FOX Fans are saying, and read below for responses from Britain.


"My prayers are with all the people of London as they persevere against this cowardly attack. The United States stands with you to fight the good fight against these Islamic extremist cowards." — Cindy

"The United Kingdom is America's best friend and ally. We have always been side by side in both World Wars I and II, Korean War, The Falklands, The Gulf War, Kosovo and The War on Terror. We will always be with the United Kingdom." — Patrick (Paris, France)

"We stand tall together in an increasingly hostile world. This is truly heinous and the work of snakes that slither around in cloaked secrecy striking the innocent. They don't come up against our warriors. They come only against the innocent and unprepared. We must stop caring about the 'sensibilities' of those we are at war against. We must stamp out all terrorism whatever the costs. If we don't, we in America are going to be the next to suffer these horrible acts. It's coming here - let’s not kid ourselves. We are next. This can only serve to increase our resolve to get tougher and destroy these murderers." — Clay (Mobile, AL)

"Let us all pray for the victims and their families. The American people need stand United behind the Prime Minister and his constituents. He has been a steadfast ally in so many ways to our Country. Now more than ever we need to stand United so the two bit terrorists know that we will not falter and we will not fail in our pursuit of justice to those who hate. God Bless the people of Britain and may God continue to Bless the United States of America." — Chris

"We here in America are so very grateful to Prime Minister Tony Blair for his steadfast support of our nation after the 9-11 terrorist attack on NY and we stand with you in London in our prayers and in our continued efforts to stop the terrorists whose hatred and diabolical attacks on innocent civilians and on military personnel are abhorrent. We pray good will triumph over evil and the terrorists will be stopped." — Joyce (Florida)

"Once again I am saddened and sick about the evil that lives among us. This war with no borders will continue if people continue to stick their heads in the sand about Islamic maniacs. I ask that the countries that do not support the war on terror to wake up and stamp out this cycle of terror at the roots. Also, support our president, he's on the right track and understands that terror should be addressed no matter where it exists, even in countries with supposed WMD that were not found, it's the mindset and not the weaponry that needs to be obliterated! London, my heart cries for you." — Laura (Jackson, MI)

"Voices heard and words written, these are the tools of dissent. These are also the tools that need to be employed by the neighbors and kinsmen of terrorists to separate or differentiate themselves from these horrible deeds. In light of a Biblical example of a field with wheat and weeds, the terrorists need to be rooted out and sternly dealt with, so those nearby need to swiftly show whether they are wheat or worse-than-weeds lest they be trampled out too." — Larry (Springfield, MO)

"Today's attacks in London are proof that the world cannot ignore, nor can we cower against the evil that the Muslim extremists are wreaking around the world. God bless those who lost their lives in London and abroad in the name of so-called holy warriors. Let us stand united and strong against those who carry out such cowardly attacks. To those countries who stand against us in Iraq, those who don't see the link between terror and the conflict there, let this be a warning to you all...there IS a link. Why do you think they want countries to pull out of Iraq? It is because they know they are losing and fighting for their lives. Let's stick together and we can squash this threat. God bless America, God bless England and God bless all those who are prepared to fight for the just cause." — Bryan (Nebraska)

"As an American and a Muslim, my resolve has been redoubled to fight terrorism and the misrepresentation of Islam. England we in America are here for you like you have always been for us. These so-called Muslim terrorists are cowards. They are animals and are subhuman. They will be destroyed. They are weak. To all of these cowards know that you fool no one. Allah will strike you down because you falsely represent his word. You and your kind are pathetic and are not men. You lack the courage to face your problems directly and according to Allah's word. Praise be Allah, as I know you will never see paradise." — Ali (Watertown, MA)

"Just as our close friends and allies, we too know what it feels like to be violated in this inhumane manner. We stand beside you as one. Our prayers are united in bringing solace to those touched by this cowardly act. Raise your heads high, for you are not alone, and will always have friends across the pond who care. We thank you for hearing our call on 9/11, and hear yours today. May God bless us all." — David (Harrisville, MI)

"I want the British to know they are in my prayers. I have two friends over in Britain and I am worried about them. Britain stood by us through Sept 11th and many other times, even when it wasn’t popular. I hope they catch these people!!" — Brenda

"The prayers of the American people are with you. God bless England. God bless our world, and heal the angry hearts of those who only want to harm, no matter who, no matter where." —BRH

"We will never forget the unconditional friendship and support from our British friends when other European nations turned their back on us. You are not alone! We feel your pain; we pray for you. We will get through this together." — Maria (New Jersey)

"To our English brothers and sisters — we grieve with you...There should be a world action against these people and we will obliterate them. I don’t understand why some countries continue to coddle these murderers in the name of God. May they reap what they have sewn!" — Denise

"Again the Islamic plague has murdered innocent people. My prayers are for our true friends, the British people. The civilized world must unite to destroy this plague completely. If all of our countries would come together and with a concerted effort, putting all of the petty political BS aside, we could end this scourge. Stop allowing politics to get in the way of hunting these murderers down. When will Europe finally understand that there is an evil in this world that does not care about the values of civilized nations?" — S.W. (Georgia)

"My prayers are with all of you in England. You have been our steadfast friends and allies through many, many adversities. Now is the time for all of the civilized nations to stand together against the terrorist PIGS!! We must never, never waiver in our resolve to defeat them, or they win and life as we know it will no longer exist. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU." — L.C. (Kansas)

"We will always remember who stood by us in our time of tragedy! I hope most Brit's will handle it better than many Americans. It is not your fault! Do not forget that, nor allow the weakness of those seeking political gain to influence your resolve!" — Perry (Wisconsin)

"We lament the barbaric attack by the cowards of the Muslim terrorist states. Our hearts go out to the families of those who suffer the loss of loved ones, and those who are suffering! The G8 summit should consider a joint action against those states which openly support terrorism, namely: Syria, Iran & Saudi Arabia...The only language they seem to understand is force. Let's talk their language!" — D.

"Condolences from the U.S. to our friends in England and with the hope that those responsible financially and otherwise will be found and justice served out liberally." — William

"I grieve for your country and am praying for you. London is one of my favorite cities in the world because of its highly civilized and humane people. I am sad to see you have joined us Americans as victims of the ultimate incivility. Terrorist extremism must be stopped." — Julie (Tallahassee, FL)


"Thanks for all the kind words and wishes from America. I visited New York for the first time in April, and found the whole 9/11 memorial very upsetting, and at the same time uplifting too. I know Rudi Giuliani said that he used London’s resolve and spirit during The Blitz in 1940 as the inspiration for the aftermath of the attacks on NYC, so hopefully we can show the same dignity and spirit as New York City and D.C. did four years ago. I think the feelings of Londoners are best summed up by our mayor, Ken Livingstone (a man not everyone has a lot of time for in our city) but his off-the-cuff message to the vermin who performed this act today was something that made me even more proud to be a Londoner!” — Rob (London, UK)

"This morning I woke up and heard the horrible news. It was rainy, gray and sad. I've just been for a walk around North London and it is a lovely sunny evening. The sidewalk cafes are crowded with Londoners enjoying the weather and their friends. People here have been through bombings in the past and their resilience is clear. Many buses filled with people passed me by. Life in London goes on. Hopefully the G8 has stayed on course and the other leaders can convince President Bush that climate change and African poverty are issues of dire importance and he will enact real change, not token gestures, to make a difference." — Amy (London, UK)

"A huge thanks to the American people from us Brits for their kind messages of support in the wake of what has tragically happened in London. We very much appreciate your support and loyalty, it is a special relationship that we enjoy as allies." — Krishan (Luton, UK)

"Your kind words are heard and appreciated. Thank you. We will persevere. We will NOT be deterred. We will defeat terrorism." — Jake (London, UK)