Food and Consequences

I thought the attacks on Michael Jacobson were a bit extreme. I think his intentions are good.

But you could say the same about a lot of government programs: Their intentions are good. The problem is the government, just like warning labels, can't make us behave differently.

We have to do that. It's about choice.

It's about walking into a McDonald's (search), picking out a Big Mac and knowing the consequences. No one is holding a gun to our heads.

There's a lot wrong with eating a lot of bad foods. But there's a lot more wrong when someone takes it upon themselves to all but forcibly do away with those bad foods.

It begins with labels. It follows with lawsuits.

We live in a country where many of us would rather look at a label than a mirror.

All I know is that when I super-size, I super-size.

They say you make your bed, you sleep in it. I say, you make your fast food order, you eat it. Don't blame others for the consequences of it.

It's not the government's job to keep us fit. Do-gooders insisting it is should be giving us fits.

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