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Is Rove Responsible? Details are emerging about how undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity became public. Watch the FNC report and let us know who YOU think is accountable.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Rove isn't responsible. He's a major thorn in the Dems' side and now they want him out. No chance. He'll survive." — Tom (Fall River, MA)

"He's a criminal! He willfully and illegally blew the cover of a CIA op! That's insulting to every man and woman who are bravely putting their lives on the line to fight for our freedoms every day! It's outrageous. He must be tried for treason!" — Steve

"Does anyone remember Clinton's bogus claims about the semantics of what the word 'is' could mean? What is Karl Rove claiming, exactly?" — Kathy

"There is no proof that Rove did anything wrong. He didn't name names. Those who want to discredit the president and his administration are driving this. It's politics as usual, sadly. Aren't we at war? Why are we wasting time on what amounts to childish games?" — Joe (Dallas, TX)

"Rove wanted to exact revenge on Joseph Wilson, a Bush's critic, so he revealed Plame's identity. Why is he leaking a CIA operative's identity when we are at a time of WAR? He's a traitor!" — Chris (Glen Gardner, NJ)

"This is like Rove saying he didn't inhale. It will be interesting to see how Bush reacts." — Jake (Dover, DE)

"I am waiting for the full story. I trust Bush will do what is right, he always has." — Harold (Cleveland, OH)

"Valerie Plame was an agent assigned to investigate the threat of WMD, the very pretext Bush was using to go to war in the first place. To have any part in sacrificing her position in a desperate attempt to discredit those who were raising valid questions is unforgivable, hypocritical, unpatriotic, and illegal. Karl owes the American people an apology." — Angela (Effingham, IL)

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