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• A major development in the investigation into the deadly rush-hour bombings in London (search): police have identified the bus bomber, who they say, died in that bombing and they say they have carried out significant raids on homes in the city of Leeds. We'll have the latest.

• And then to Aruba, where the prosecution is appealing today the release of two of the suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway: should the Kalpoe brothers be taken back into custody? Rahul Manchanda, international attorney and Ruben Trapenberg, Aruba government spokesperson weigh in on the latest in the case.

• Plus, is Karl Rove (search) the White House leak? Now, Democrats are on the attack, calling for everything from congressional hearings to the firing of Rove. "DaySide" investigates the buzz from the Beltway with FOX News political analyst and Democratic strategist Bob Beckel and former deputy assistant to President Bush, Brad Blakeman.

• Have you ever witnessed something incredibly stupid and thought to yourself, “There ought to be a law against that”… Well, for the last nine years, lawmakers in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania have held a contest where fifth graders can submit ideas for new laws and some of these bills have even been passed. We’ll talk to this year’s fifth grade winner, Marc McCann and Tom Stevenson, the Pennsylvania State representative who sponsors the contest.

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