Setting the Record Straight

I'm getting attacked again and it's time to set the record straight.

The Brit paper The Guardian tore into me, Brit Hume and Brian Kilmeade for various things we all said, which The Guardian — left as left gets — deemed vile and horrific in the aftermath of the London bombings.

Brit and Kilmeade can defend themselves.

As for me, I was attacked for a My Word I wrote the day before the bombings in which I was commenting on London winning the 2012 Olympics (search) and beating out Paris.

Here's the background: I've been carrying a gas mask in my briefcase for three years now. Frankly, I'm sick of hauling the thing around. But I ride New York's subways and, if anything, the London bombings proved that all of us subway riders should have gasmasks and a flashlight.

But I am tired of it, and I was very happy New York didn't get the Olympics. We've already dealt with big political conventions and other big events which conventional wisdom has said are tempting terror targets.

So we've been on high alert for a long time, and you know what? It's somebody else's turn and, frankly, I'm sorry London is in for our high alerts. I did wish it were Paris.

Why? Live like we do and see how you like it, France. You're the guys who said, "They deserved it" after 9/11 (search). And I haven't forgotten.

So when I said, perhaps rashly, they'll blow up Paris, and who cares, I didn't mean they should blow up Paris. Obviously, in light of the fact they are blowing up cities again, I would care.

But let's put this in perspective. The Guardian newspaper blasted me on Saturday. Monday they're running an article from one of their other America haters who is saying the reason Britain was targeted is the war in Iraq, so it's Blair's fault. But really blame Bush and America.

So it's never the actual terrorists fault. After 9/11 it was America's fault and after the London bombings it's the fault of Blair, Bush, and now me and FOX News.

Well I'm glad because in this blame game, I'm in very good company.

That's My Word.

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