War on Terror

We all had the sense it was coming and today, Thursday morning, it happened: another terror attack (search).

If you have been watching the arrest count and reading the passports of our captured terrorists, you know that many are from Britain, which was the target of the latest faceless, gutless killing. We are all still gathering the facts, but London's mayor said it best when he make it clear this is not a war against the mighty, it's a war against everyday working people. Families looking to live a normal, non-threatening life in New York, Madrid and now London, have been forever destroyed.

What should be embarrassing is that terrorism was not even a talking point at the G-8 summit! Global warming (search) and African aid is important, but what about the safety of the western world, on whom all civilization depends? Do you think Al Qaeda (search) is trying to solve anyone's hunger problem? Can we finally realize that we are at war! Can we please make a global effort against Al Qaeda? How bad do you think the people of London feel now for the conditions at Gitmo or Abu Ghraib? It’s time for France, Italy, Germany and Russia and yes, Egypt, to realize that terrorists are coming for them next, unless we get them first.

Let us know what questions you want asked as we talk with every terror and security expert we can on Friday's show. Sadly, Egypt's Iraqi ambassador was killed this week after he was kidnapped last week and we should cover that. But unless we have another Supreme Court justice quit, we will be wall-to-wall London bombing.

Have a safe night and see you tomorrow. Thanks for making FOX News your source for news as the war on terror rages on.


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