Topics and Guests for June 25

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Sunday, June 25

More arrests in the Natalee Holloway (search) mystery as Joran van der Sloot's (search) father is sent to jail in connection with the case. Why him? Why now? And what does this latest arrest mean? We’ll get those answers and a full update on this developing story during a jam-packed hour on the search for the missing ‘Bama beauty.

Natalee’s mother, Beth Twitty says she prays her daughter has only been kidnapped and is still alive somewhere on Aruba. We’ll ask her why she expects more arrests to happen soon in connection with her daughter’s disappearance.

And we’ll talk to Natalee’s dad, Dave Holloway, as well as her aunt, Marcia Twitty. Both have been standing vigil in Aruba hoping for the best in this bizarre mystery while folks back home in Alabama pray for her safe return.

Meanwhile, the family may be preparing to file a lawsuit demanding that the authorities hand over all evidence gathered in the investigation. We’ll get the legal lowdown from Twitty family attorney Benvinda de Sousa.

And, we’ll take you inside the search for Natalee with EquuSearch (search) volunteer Ron Gilbert. The Texas group began a hunt for Holloway at her family's request and plans a full-scale, round-the-clock ground and water search with trained divers, night vision goggles and sonar equipment. We’re there at the heart of the hunt for the very latest.

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