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After 24 years on the Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (search), the first woman appointed to the high court, hands in her letter of resignation. With speculations swirling that Chief Justice William Rehnquist would be retiring, Justice O'Connor's resignation comes as quite a surprise. Don't miss FOX's extensive coverage of O'Connor's unexpected retirement.

Washington is already buzzing with speculation on who will replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. President Bush is expected to announce his pick after he returns from the G8 Summit on July 8th. Will Bush nominate another woman to fill Justice O'Connor's place on the bench? We'll get the lowdown from Ben Ginsberg, former national counsel to President George W. Bush.

We may not know who President Bush will pick to fill Justice O'Connor's spot on the Supreme Court, but we know that person will be the focus of a major battle on Capitol Hill. So how heated will the debate get? Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, gives us his predications.

A battle over the bench is already brewing on Capitol Hill. GOP leaders hope to have O'Connor's replacement ready for the new term, but Democrats say they won't be rushed. We'll get a fair and balanced debate over the upcoming Supreme showdown from Chris Horner, Republican lawyer and columnist, and Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist.

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