Taking Care of Business

News from Iraq:

I've got a blog in my hand from Sweden, and it contains an exciting and satisfying piece of news — if it is true — and I, for one, certainly hope it is.

What this blogger says is that a Swede who survived a 67-day kidnapping ordeal in Baghdad — and is now back at home in Sweden — has paid professional bounty hunters to find his captors and, one presumes by reading between the lines, kill them.

What's more, the news appears to be that the bounty hunters have already accomplished part of their assignment.

The Swede's name is Ulf Hjertstroem (search) and he says it's no big deal. He lived in Baghdad 25 years, and he said, "This is how things are done there. It's nothing new to me."

He won't say exactly what his bounty hunters are doing, but he's quoted as saying, "They're not twiddling their thumbs." Asked to be more specific, he said he has not inquired about what they are doing exactly, but he has his suspicions.

I do, too. I think Mr. Hjertstroem 's bounty hunters are killing the captors.

And I say, "Good."

Swedes are upset about what their countryman has apparently done. They're shocked in fact.

I suppose the Italians would be upset, too. They've had a couple hostages in Iraq and what they do is pay the money and bring the hostage home to a national day of rejoicing. They don't think about going back and finding the terrorists and shooting them. But they should.

Really, until these people realize that somebody might come back at them, they pick up any Westerner as if they were nothing more than a walking, talking ATM machine.

Mr. Hjertstroem had a different idea.

He said, "OK, fine, here's your money. Now see if you can hide because I am sending my Iraqi acquaintances — who are happy to do nearly anything for money — to find you and shoot you."

Well, good for the Swede.

I am applauding him for not just taking it. And you should too.

By the way, I'll be here on the 4th — so see you then. In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend.

That's My Word.

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