Topics & Guests: June 29

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President Bush lays out his plan for Iraq. Thumbs up or down to last night’s speech? General Wesley Clark weighs in on Bush’s commitment to war in Iraq. Plus, why he’s calling on Senate Armed Services Chairman John Warner (search) to investigate the Bush administration’s role in prisoner abuse. It’s Clark versus O’Reilly on tonight’s “Factor.”

And, Greta’s getting to the bottom of things in Aruba (search). Hear what former suspect Mickey John (search) learned while behind bars with one of the Kalpoe brothers. John tells “On the Record’s” Greta Van Susteren about a family cover-up in the Natalee Holloway (search) case. And, you’ll never guess who constructed the alibi! She joins us tonight with information that could possibly break this case wide open.

Then, is Mickey John telling the truth? We’ll ask Aruban government spokesman Ruben Trapenberg. Plus, why isn’t the government releasing more information to the family? Bill investigates.

And, radical Professor Ward Churchill (search) is now encouraging American troops in Iraq to kill their officers. You won't believe this story!

Also, after a second shark attack scares beachgoers across the nation, is it safe to go back into the water? We'll ask Paramedic Shane McGuffin, who desperately tried to help a Florida boy this week after he was bitten by a shark.

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