Rogers' Rage

We has a special show on Thursday as Mary Doocy — middle child of Steve and Cathy — decided to cut her hair and donate her clippings to Locks Of Love — a program that uses real hair for cancer patients who need hair pieces.

We also introduced you to two almost real life "Bridezillas." It was a segment full of Dos and Don'ts in wedding planners and, for a change, we used a dunk tank. It's amazing how loose a dress can get when it's wet! We were also asked to play host to Padres legend Tony Gwynn (search), who in an unexpected twist, was left in the green room during his introduction. Oops! He did not seem pleased and I can blame him.

The "Video of the Day" came from baseball as Kenny Rogers (search), 41, went ballistic on two cameramen — sending one to the hospital. Now he'll be fined and suspended — too bad he did not show this fiery demeanor when he was working in New York. Ironically he was heading for the All-Star game.

The "Shocking Story Award" goes to Iran's new president. According two five former hostages, he was one of the ringleaders that took over the U.S. embassy in 1979. He ran on the double axis of evil ticket and won. So much for turning the page on U.S.-Iranian relations.

The most unique and talented guest might have our last — Bryan Adams (search). He's got a new picture book out and it features dozens of powerful women with all the proceeds heading to cancer. You don't realize how many great songs he's written until you read his bio. Don't be afraid to buy his new CD called, "Room Service."

OK, she just left the office, so I'll give you some inside information. As it turns out, Bryan digs Juliet Huddy. Juliet does not think he was serious, but I bet her four dinners he's truly hot for Huddy. And I say he calls this week before he kicks off the Toronto portion of Live!

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