William Hung Back With New Album

William Hung (search), the "American Idol (search)" reject who has made a career out of his horrible singing voice, will not go away.

In fact he is going country. Sort of.

Hung has recruited country star Billy Ray Cyrus (search) for a cameo for the video of the cover of his version of 'Achy Breaky Heart' and Cyrus has agreed to appear in the Hung video.

Plans call for the project to be filmed over the next few weeks.

After butchering rock classics by The Eagles and Queen on his last record, Hung is back with a new album called "Miracles: Happy Summer" in which he shreds classics like 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon', 'Surfin' USA,' 'I Love L.A.' and 'I Left My Heart In San Francisco'.

And in what seems to be a blatant plug to score a few sports gigs, Hung has also assassinated 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game'.

In January 2004, Hung became famous for his less-than-stellar performance of Ricky Martin's (search) "She Bangs" in an audition for the Fox reality TV series.

His ear-shattering voice has led to three albums so far, including "Inspiration" and his Christmas LP, "Hung for the Holidays (search)," and one DVD called "Hanging with Hung (search)."