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A new poll shows only 22 percent of Americans actually believe the insurgency in Iraq is getting weaker. President Bush (search) plans to make his case to the American people about why we should "stay the course" in Iraq in his prime-time speech Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT. But can Bush change their minds? We'll get a preview of the president's speech from Nicolle Devenish, White House Communications Director.

Then, many Democrats are calling on President Bush to present a strategy or timeline for operations in Iraq. So what's the Dems take on the president's public appeal? We'll ask Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

And, China is hot on the West — trying to take over U.S. oil giant Unocal (search). They're even stealing our technology to advance their weapons system. If we ever go to war with China, could we be fighting against a U.S.-equipped army? We'll ask James Lilley, former U.S. Ambassador to China and the Republic of Korea.

Plus, is it a coincidence that Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" (search) opens nationwide Wednesday — the day after President Bush's speech to the American people regarding U.S. plans in Iraq? Christy Lemire, Associated Press movie critic, weighs in.

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