Say You're Sorry

Another week, another demand for an apology — or should I say apologies?

Last week we heard that Howard Dean (search) was supposed to apologize for calling Republicans an array of bad things and that didn't happen. Then we saw Senator Dick Durbin equate Gitmo with gulags and concentration camps and sit by while Dems ran and Republicans ranted. A few days ago, a teary Durbin showed it was hard, but not impossible, to say I'm sorry. Then, with just over 48 hours without an apology demand, it was Senator Hillary Clinton (search) who began the drumbeat for an apology from Karl Rove (search) for mischaracterizing (she claims) liberals as soft on terror (so to speak). Of course, since Senator Clinton has left the liberal label, the statement should not offend the former first lady or Senator Schumer, but they both are saying retract or resign.

Phew! I'm winded! Give me a second. OK, I'm back. Where was I? Oh, the rest of the show was about Iraq and the state of the war in Iraq with a look back at the electric give and take between Dems and Donald Rumsfeld (search). I know people have concluded that Rumsfeld and Senator Kennedy do not get along very well. In fact if Zell Miller had his way they would have had a duel. Instead "Mount Teddy" exploded at Rummie, asking why he doesn't resign while the secretary kept his cool. We had both sides in the end claim victory, but it's the soldiers who lose. They watch this, read about it, hear about it and observe the Arab media as they all take great delight in portraying our resolve as weak.

Oh, and did I mention that we had Purina come by with their doggie obstacle course and a pick-up truck full of Frisbees? Well, they did and it was quite enjoyable. Amongst our unique guests: Mushin Muhammad — now of the Chicago Bears, formerly of the Panthers of the NFL. He not only inked a $30 million contract, but has signed on to mentor a dozen kids while starting a brand new foundation. He also caught my pass after pulling off a flawless buttonhook route. And kids, go to and learn how you can get faster on the gridiron this summer.

We closed the show with a look at an organization dedicated to helping the wounded solider called Help out Dick Lynch as he tries to help out the best America has to offer by at least buying a bracelet. It all goes to soldiers trying to break back into society or rejoin their units in theatre.

Juliet did a great job filling in for E.D. today and look for Kiran and Juliet to split the week for E.D. as we close out June. Oh, and watch for Steve's back pain to worsen as he spends the weekend debating whether to take legal action against billionaire Richard Branson. If you missed Thursday's show, Branson scooped up Steve and tossed him into a potted plant. Don't be surprised if he offers Steve a Cessna to settle out of court.

Special thanks to all of you who bought, received and sent me your book to be signed for Father's Day. I appreciate it and look for the paperback in September. If you're looking for a signed copy just go to and I'll make it happen!


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