Martha Stewart Producing Renovation Show

Move over "Extreme Makeover (search)," Martha is getting into the TV home building business.

Martha Stewart (search) is looking for someone to host a new home renovation show, according to a want ad her production companyplaced on the popular Craigslist.

The candidate, "must have extensive experience and/or passion/knowledge of home renovation; television experience a plus but not necessary; be available for shooting beginning in September for 3 months, be lively and energetic but also compassionate and able to interact with a diverse group of women; and can be a male or female of any age," the ad says.

A source close to the project confirmed that a Martha home renovation show is in development, but said it has neither a network nor a title.

It was also unclear yesterday if the show would be a daily or weekly series.

Stewart herself will not appear on the new show, a scenerio similar to some of her production company's other TV projects.