Summertime means party time and you better not arrive emptyhanded at that backyard bash! Whether it’s 100 strangers, a day at the park with friends, or a romantic dinner for two, you can never go wrong with a bottle of vino (unless of course it’s "corked"). FNC iMAG put the squeeze on our friends at Kenwood Vineyards in Sonoma, California so you can not only B.Y.O.B., but actually know what you’re bringing too!

*Forget Age!
No need to save this wine for a rainy day. Most Pinot Noirs are ready to drink within a year of being released.

*A Nice Bridge
Most people pick one drink and stay with it. Be adventurous! Pinot Noir is an excellent transitional wine; perfect when you want to switch over to another wine or change up what you’re eating. Steak or salad, it’s a fit!

*Bluelight Special
Although Pinot has always been a difficult wine to make, a quick rise in the mainstream (thanks in part to the movie "Sideways"), has helped level the average price of a bottle to around $20.

*‘Tis the Season
Hot sunny days and casual light meals call for a wine that’s fresh, crisp, flavorful and versatile: enter a fruity Sauvignon Blanc.

*Totally Chill
Wine and your refrigerator CAN get along! Keep a bottle nice and cold so it’ll be ready whenever you are. Pour it into a wineglass or a tumbler (even directly into your mouth from the bottle) for a guaranteed refresher.

*Think Young
Fresh, zesty character lies at the heart of Sauvignon Blanc’s appeal, and the wine often shows its best within two years of the vintage.

*Anything Goes
Forget the rules! Surely, Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with chicken and fish, but it’s wonderful with grilled sausages, barbecued ribs, steamed clams and lots more. Be adventurous — Sauvignon Blanc can handle it!

Kenwood Vineyards Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc 2004 is available nationally at a suggested retail price of $13.

Additional Suggestions:

-Light, fruity and elegant, the newly released 2003 Valley of the Moon Sonoma County Pinot Blanc is fresh and vibrant, with intriguing aromas and flavors.

- Kenwood Vineyards Sonoma County Chardonnay is fresh, crisp and flavorful, yet lithe and light on the palate: delicious and versatile with food, and lively and refreshing without.

Both wines retail for approximately $15 per bottle.

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