The Gitmo Diet: Day 2

We're not in prison (unless you count being stuck at our desks all day), nor would we want to simulate the experience.

But we do want to know what a diet eaten behind prison bars tastes like, so we've decided to spend two weeks on the Gitmo Diet (search).

We've decided it tastes pretty bland, probably like the occupation of one's time sitting days and nights in a cell.

No chocolate, no pizza, no beer on Fourth of July (or any day, really). Cravings disappear after a couple of days, but it's a highly anti-social diet. Unless everyone is on the diet together, dinner with friends and family lacks the luster it once had.

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Of course, what the diet lacks in social value, it makes up for in quantity. It also provides energy and focus. The mantra of the dietitians that healthy eating leads to healthy lifestyles has so far borne out to be true.

At least the meals are not MREs, Meals Ready to Eat, which American soldiers consume on the battlefield. It's akin to the dining offered to the astronauts on the Space Station, who in a sense are prisoners of another confine.