FOX Fan's Top Ten

Below are some responses we received to our request for Top Ten Reasons you're a FOX Fan. Keep checking back, as we'll continue to add new ones as they come in!

I don't need ten reasons to explain my addiction to FOX news! It's the people, stupid.  Fox brings us some of the freshest, brightest people on television. Not just the news programs, but all of TV. Add O'Reilly and Cavuto in an interview-discussion setting, and you'll not find better, more entertaining chemistry anywhere.  Not quite Hannity and Colmes, but who cares?  Take your pick, they're all terrific. Give us more Dick Morris.

— Craig, Burbank, CA


1. O'Reilly reminds me of my Dad
2.  Hannity reminds me of my brother
3.  Colmes reminds me of my husband
4.  Cavuto reminds me of my son
5.  News that is fair and balanced, unlike the liberal news networks                                                                     
6.  Geraldo is so much fun to watch
7.  Forbes sends me a Christmas card every year
8.  Greta holds her own among all the "boys" 
9.  I like real news, not fabricated news
10. Last, but not least, Tony Snow could talk on my TV all day and I would never get tired of him.

— Jean


 1.  Sets are lively and pleasant-looking...none of that dark, phony, post-modern stuff you see on other networks
2.  No pandering to any particular political view
3.  Did some work on John Gibson's hair
4.  I actually like Geraldo Rivera, now
5.  Mancow seems to be using less colorful language
6.  Neil Cavuto is reassuring even as my mutual funds bite the dust
7.  Cal Thomas finally gets his own show.
8.  Brit Hume makes the anchors on the big three networks look like babbling morons
9.  Actually, Alan Colmes is not a bad guy, after all.
10.  This may sound does Fox find all those intelligent, attractive women that host the Fox News Channel shows? Maybe that's the reason why all the men are watching..hmmm

— Dan, Winter Park, FL  


1. Trust
2. Presents both sides
3. FOX News does not lie to me
4. FOX News doesn't assume I'm stupid
5. Sean Hannity, he's so dreamy
6. Tony Snow
7. Oliver North
8. The way you present your newscast and formats. It's hotter and fresher then any other news on cable or broadcast.  Especially FOX News Sunday compared to the other Sunday shows.
9. Fox and Friends
10. Yes even Alan
Thanks for being an alterantive to the Liberal Propaganda Machine.

— Emmy


Reasons I'm a FOX Fan
Let me count the ways
It's great to have a chance
to hear how both sides play
From the Liberal East Coast
This Conservatist thinks you're the most
Finally, I hear the truth, which is fair
Alas the other side about my views, didn't care.
God bless FOX for truth that abounds
As I live in a totally left wing town.
— Arlene, Burlington, MA


1. The best graphics of any newscast ever.
2.  Perfect blend of intelligence and humor.
3.  Really cool stuff:-)
4.  Hannity & Colmes (I've been both Hannitized & Sanitized)
5.  O'Reilly (He really knows how to tick people off!)
6. Cavuto (His commentary is the greatest.  Plus, he wears the best ties!)
7.  Friends (These three act more like family than friends!)
9.  Smith (FINALLY!  An anchor who gets it!)
10.  Fair & Balanced.  You guys are the only newscast--broadcast or cable--that actually treats your audience with respect.   It really is just like you say--FOX REPORTS, WE DECIDE.  

— Jennifer, Shillington, PA


1.   No fluff.
2.   Just the facts.
3.   Sensible commentators.
4.   Good format.
5.   Fox doesn't allow interviews to get out of hand.
6.   Gives both sides with clear contrast.*
7.   News is reported in order of relevance.
8.   Brit Hume who is my favorite news person in the whole world.
9.   Tony Snow who is my next favorite news person in the whole world.
10.  Hooray for Bill O'Reilly who gets obnoxious but exposes the truth.

— Nancy, Tucson, AZ


Top 10 reasons for being a Fox fan: (Not necessarily in order)

F  antastic Web site

O scillation not seen when reporting gets tough

X' emplary reporting

S erious when necessary, but throws in fun, too

F airly fair on issues

A ccurate

N ever boring

I like O'Reilly's straight shooting

A lways adding details others leave out

M endacious - not

— Anonymous FOX Fan


1. Fox News seems to be the only American news program that is truly patriotic.

2. We can always be sure that we are getting the honest news.

3. America has so many problems at the moment, but FOX News still has a great sense of humor.  If people stop finding laughter they are in big trouble.

4. FOX News has the best looking anchors, both men and women.

5. Your news people are the only ones with any "common sense", which is very rare in this day and time!

6. Bill O'Reilly makes our day, every day!  We love to see him get the best of all the bleeding heart liberals that come on his show, and the ones who don't!

7. If we miss a program, we can always check out the newsletter that you send us everyday.

8. The facts that you have are always current and indisputable.  You must have a great research staff.

9. Everyone on the screen always seem like ordinary people and doesn't put on "airs" and pretends to be concerned when they aren't.

10. FOX News loves to get email from their viewers, and reads them on the air.

— Opal, Kernersville, NC


1. Fair and balanced. You tell us the truth and we decide  

2. Fox & Friends is a great morning mix

3. The Beltway Boys are great

4. Bill O'Reilly is to the point, no B.S.

5. I like watching Liberals make fools of themselves on camera

6. Special Report is an intelligent look at the news.  Brit has found his place in journalism history.

7. Cavuto has a great hour, I don’t get to see it a lot, but a great show.

8. I like watching the same commercials over and over (just kidding) but I know you have to pay the bills.

9. Rivera gets the scoop no matter where he is. 

10.Most of your female journalists are great looking. 

— Joe, Kansas City, MO


1.  FAIR - Fox always provides fairly both sides of all issues.
2.  O'REILLY - Bill always stirs you up to think--both pro and con.
3.  EDITORIALS - A variety of issues of timely interest are discussed.
4.  DEPTH NEWS - Timely news provided 24/7.
5.  VARIETY - Breaking current events, including financial, political,
sports, etc.
6.  UNAFRAID - Presentations on many subjects--popular or not.
7.  POLITICAL - Provides a variety of political issues and political persons.
8.  HOURLY - Provides on the hour and half hour news by beautiful,
intelligent ladies.
9.  MILITARY - Current information on military affairs with military experts.
10. LEGAL - Outstanding legal discussion with the Judge and legal experts.
— Richard, Fallbrook, CA


1. The Truth
2. The Truth, Presented by Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Shepard Smith, Tony Snow, and David Asman
3. The Truth, setting the standard
4. The Truth, accurately reported
5. The Truth, researched
6. The Truth, backed up by facts
7. The Truth, fair and balanced
8. The Truth, used to educate
9. The Truth, thrown in the faces of the spin meisters
10. The Truth, 24/7

— Andrew, Waco, TX 


10. The knob busted off my TV and it is stuck on FNC                                                        9. You mean there is ANOTHER cable news channel?? *WINK*
8. My cats love to be teased by "The Crawl" at the bottom of the TV screen. (They really do!)
7. No "talking head" anchors                                                                                             5. 6.FNC is a "No-Spin Zone" ALL the time!
5. REAL Journalism...Fair & Balanced 
4. I own stock in "The Parent Company Of This Network" *GRINS*
3. FNC is "News With A Pulse"
2. Shepard Smith..Best Journalist PERIOD!
And the #1 reason why I am a Fox Fan:
1.Because eventually it will be #1 in ALL of cable news...PERIOD...and not just prime time!!

— Tracy, Monaca, PA


2. Only a little of Hillary and less of her husband
3. The Long Island Lulu - O'Reilley - Factor THAT
4. Car chases in L.A., but narrated by Shep
5. Car chases in Santa Monica, but debated by Sean and Alan
6. Car chases in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and points east with Geraldo
7. Colonel Oliver North, respected patriot, with real war stories                                             8. Steve, E.D. and Brian, our Foxy Friends chasing cars
9. Linda, Laurie, Rita, Brenda and so many others who make news REAL
10.Brit Hume, the creme de la creme
— Dick, Greencastle, IN


1. Laurie Dhue.
Do I really need NINE more?  I don’t think so.
— Darrell, Union, NJ 


1. You're the only News network on the air that has any sense.  
    The other 9 reasons cannot compare with #1. 

— Dale, Forsyth, GA