Ex-Gitmo Inmate Acquitted of All Charges

A former Guantanamo Bay (search) inmate was acquitted of all terrorism-related charges in a Kuwaiti court Wednesday.

Nasser al-Mutairi (search) spent nearly three years at the U.S. prison in Cuba and was released in January, only to face trial at home.

The 27-year-old Muslim extremist was acquitted of joining foreign military forces without permission, harming Kuwait by serving the interest of a "foreign country" and undergoing illegal weapons training.

The charges do not name any particular country or force.

Al-Mutairi's lawyer had previously argued that Kuwait lacked jurisdiction to try the Kuwaiti national.

Al-Mutairi had pleaded innocent when his trial opened in April, claiming he went to Afghanistan (search) for charity work in 2000, before the U.S.-led war began in that country.

None of the charges took place in Kuwait and they were not punishable in Afghanistan at the time they were allegedly committed, according to the lawyer, Mubarak al-Shimmiri.