I Can Hear Music

If you watched Friday night, you will know that we had music in the background of our show. I have posted a few e-mails about the music in the background. It was a surprise to me that there would be music — I learned of the music as I entered the area of the hotel where our studio is to do the show. How did I learn it? The old fashioned way... my ears. You could not miss it.

But here is what happened: We originally planned for me to return to Washington, D.C. on Thursday and do the show live from there. Hence we did not do any advance scouting of where to do the show for Friday night. Throughout the week we had done the show from three different locations in the hotel. We had to change locations for a number of reasons including tourist festivities at the hotel.

As the story heated up during the week, and as I continued to have good fortune in getting information about Natalee Holloway's (search) disappearance, we decided to keep the show anchored there Friday night. That also allowed me two more days — Thursday and Friday — to keep scouring the island for bits of information. What we did not plan for and what we could not have planned for, was the wedding on the deck below our balcony where we did the show.

The wedding was a joyous — but loud — occasion. What made it particularly awkward were the songs they were playing and dancing to in celebration of the wedding. The songs in the background were simply inappropriate to the discussion on our show. We were a bit lucky in that I had taped some interviews earlier on the street hours earlier — e.g. The two where we simply showed up at the lawyers' offices and asked them questions on camera. Those taped interviews obviously did not have the music problem.

You may noticed in some other interviews — Anita and Paul van der Sloot (search) and the mother of Deepak Kalpoe — we had roosters making noise in the background. As you know... we try and show you like it is and don't dress it up by chasing away roosters who may live in the area. I actually think you want to see it like we do... so, you got roosters in some interviews this week, too!

The location of the Friday wedding is where we did the show on Thursday and obviously we could not do it there amid the wedding party. Our other balcony set would have given us the same problem since likewise it overlooked the wedding on the deck below. What we tried to do was a use a different type of microphone — you may have noticed it if you looked closely. It was looped around my ear and ran along my chin — rather than sit on my blouse. We hoped that microphone would eliminate some of the noise of the music interfering with the show. The e-mails below will show it did not solve our problem.

Some random e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Not sure, but I think your publicized interview with the van der Sloots was used by the dad as a way to try and get a message to Joran. Below is a copy of the words the Dad said. I think he was telling the son with the words “stand up” to mean “stick with their planned story." I think the two of them are in it together:

PAUL VAN DER SLOOT, FATHER OF DUTCH SUSPECT: It's very hard. But we still are standing up and we try to handle this in the best way. And I hope Joran can stand up, too. I still believe in him.

VAN SUSTEREN: You still believe in your son?


VAN SUSTEREN: Do you believe that he can go through this interrogation?

PAUL VAN DER SLOOT: I hope so, that he will stand up.

Helen Durrant

ANSWER: Helen, I am reasonably confidant that Joran van der Sloot does not have cable in this island jail. You flatter me to suggest that he would watch our show... but we did not have FOX News on our hotel cable system and had to make special arrangements.

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
Going on the neighbor's property to feed the monkey... is that not considered trespassing? Personally, I'm glad your colleagues did it!
Melanie C.
Jamestown, NC

E-mail No. 3

Tonight while watching "On the Record" from Aruba…I was offended by the "Elvis" music in the background. Please find a new area to interview the Holloway family and other guest. I just feel it reflects an uncaring side from FOX News and lack of insight from you.
Just my thoughts,
Sandy Welton

E-mail No. 4

I love your show and love the work you are doing in Aruba. BUT, I know Aruba is small, but surely to God you could have found a place to do your show without music blaring in the background.

E-mail No. 5

You have done an outstanding job reporting from Aruba. The music coming from the dance floor is distracting. Last night during your report we heard: Staying Alive, Jailhouse Rock and Another One Bites the Dust. How can you maintain a straight face? Tell your producer to put you in a more suitable area.
Keep up the good work,
Teri Beever

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta,
FOX News says you own the story on Natalee. I would not want to be associated with that story... it is ugly about a dumb young woman whose parents are probably even dumber who goes to a foreign county upon graduation and because of these dumbies a lot of innocent people are getting hurt and are in pain. I am ashamed. Of course FOX News would love to see these people in prison the same as Scott Peterson. Then you would know how much power you have over other people's lives. I have a sad story about a graduation gift that went wrong. A woman took her daughter and two children to Mexico as a graduation gift, on the their arrival back to Denver they went to a concert where the girl got sick. The next morning she was still sick where she was took to a hospital and died by one or two of meningitis. She was to have attended graduation ceremony that night or the next day. This happened five years ago and her father could not stand the pain of his loss and probably committed suicide last month. Events impact people. I do not watch FOX much because of this coverage.
Alice Auch
Helena, MT

E-mail No. 7

I understand that you would want to be there at the end but, Greta, IT IS OVER! WE have an arrogant, spoiled rich kid who did it, aided by two local bums and his rich daddy, the body probably dumped at sea by the party boat boy! That's all! And the Aruban authorities are not going to tell you any more until trial. Don't you honestly think it would be better that way, here in the USA? We might get some fair trials and intelligent verdicts!
Neil Sankey
Granada Hills, CA

E-mail No. 8

I'm a pro underwater photographer and am very familiar with the Caribbean, especially Aruba; it's tourism, boats and sea conditions.
If Natalee has been murdered, the only way that her remains can never be found is by burial at sea, wrapped and weighted. Most all boats in Aruba are moored off the beach on the western or tourist side of the island. Offshore, the sand shelf and coral reefs fall away to a deep abyss within sight of the island. Currents here are normally swift and move away from shore.
Steve, the D.J., most probably would not have access to the key to the party boat nor would he be familiar with moving it underway. However, he may well be familiar with keys and running the dinghy. It is standard operational procedure for tourists to be ferried to and from big boat and shore riding in the dinghies or small boats piloted by the crew. Steve would not have D.J. duties until guests were aboard and may well be employed as small boat crew before and after the cruise. Therefore, he would be very familiar with the dinghies tethered to the party boat. You might be interested in checking this out. Keep up the great research and reportage...
Your fan,
Rick Frehsee

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