Ask the Boss — Getting That Promotion

QUESTION: “I'm up for a promotion and I'm competing against an equally qualified coworker. What can I do to make myself stand out?” — Mike (San Diego, CA)

Christie Hefner
Two candidates may both be qualified for a position, but they are never the same in their strengths and weaknesses. What are the key elements of success in this position and in this company that dovetail with your abilities? Make sure that the skills and experiences that you have that make you the best match for the job get demonstrated and described in your job interview or by others who know you. Lastly, make it clear that your goal is to take on increased responsibilities, if not with this promotion, than in another opportunity. Christie Hefner, Chairman & CEO, Playboy Enterprises

Mark Cuban
Personally, I hate office politics. If you kiss up or do anything other than everything possible to excel at your job, I’m going to know it and you aren’t going to get the job. Mark Cuban, Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Greg Norman
Assuming there are two qualified candidates, I will lean toward the outside-the-box thinker. There are often multiple ways to solve a problem, and I like a person that has peripheral as well as long-term vision. I like someone who can dissect a problem, see various ways to proceed, weigh his or her options and come to me with the one that makes most sense. Also, I like an educated, authoritative voice. I like someone that’s not afraid to disagree and not afraid to challenge me. Greg Norman, Chairman and CEO of Great White Shark Enterprises

Alexandra Lebenthal
Be yourself and be ready to present your ideas in a concise manner. Do not resort to political moves or try to denigrate your colleague. It may work, but not in the long run. I’m a pure believer in the right things happening for a reason. So if you don’t get the position, have faith that it will lead to something different and better down the line. Alexadra Lebenthal, President of Lebenthal (AXA Financial Business)