Fast Facts: The 2012 Olympics Candidates

Nine different cities around the world submitted proposals to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, but the race has been narrowed down to five finalists. New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Madrid: Which city will win?

The International Olympic Committee has already assessed the five cities' eligibility in categories such as finance, security, accommodation, past experience and transport. The chosen city will be announced on July 6 at an IOC meeting in Singapore.

Following is a breakdown of the finalists. Included is the overall score each city received during last year's preliminary review. The cities are listed according to how well they did.


Paris 2012 Web Site

Score: 8.5

Population: 2,142,800

Last hosted Olympics: 1900, 1924

Overview: Paris has long been seen as the favorite. It has the highest ranking of the five cities and strong public support as well. But Paris has hosted the Olympics twice before and no city has hosted the games three times.

Pros: Paris received the highest score of the five cities, and has the highest scores in accommodations, safety/security and experience from past sports events. It has the locations prepared and the city's infrastructure is capable of handling large amounts of tourists with ease.

Cons: This would be the third time that Paris has held the Olympics, and many people believe more cities should have the opportunity. Paris also lost bids for the 1992 and 2008 Olympics to Barcelona and Beijing, a possible sign that new cities are better choices.


Madrid 2012 Web Site

Score: 8.3

Population: 3,093,000

Last hosted Olympics : Never

Overview: Madrid, emerging at the last minute as a challenger to Paris' lead, has fast become a favorite. The city's bid revolves around humanist, sustainable and environmental-friendly plans.

Pros: Madrid has never hosted the Olympics, which is a key point for many. Since Madrid has hosted several high-profile European championships, it has experience in handling large events.

Cons: To meet the needs of the spectators, hotels must be within one hour's travel of all events. This may require the city to revamp its high-speed rail system to accommodate tourists.


London 2012 Web Site

Score: 7.6

Population: 7,172,091

Last hosted Olympics: 1908, 1948

Overview: London has hosted the Olympics twice, but never by winning a bid. The city hosted in 1908 after Rome canceled due to a volcanic eruption, and again in 1948 on short notice after the end of World War II. Like Paris, London would be the first city to have hosted three times.

Pros: London received a score of 10 for accommodations, along with New York and Paris. London would enjoy a major economic windfall if it held the Olympics, and the games would spur completion of the Crossrail, a new underground transport system.

Cons: Public opinion is probably the biggest hurdle for London to jump, as even Queen Elizabeth noted that there is a "lack of support" for the nomination. Other problems are London's low scores in transportation, government support, and legal issues.

New York

NYC 2012 Web Site

Score: 7.5

Population: 8,085,742

Last hosted Olympics: Never hosted

Overview: New York was once believed to be an obvious choice for the 2012 Olympics due to sympathy over the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. But much of that sympathy has ebbed, leaving New York as a dubious choice. Public opposition to the city's first choice of location for an Olympic stadium has also complicated the city's bid.

Pros: New York remains one of the world's most popular cities. It has never hosted an Olympics, and many people see it as a fitting choice following Sept. 11. The games would boost the city's stressed economy. New York received a perfect 10 score for accommodations, along with Paris and London.

Cons: The United States has hosted two Summer Games recently (1984 in Los Angeles and 1996 in Atlanta) as well as two Winter Games (1980 in Lake Placid, N.Y., and 2002 in Salt Lake City). Anti-American sentiment fueled by U.S. military and foreign policies may work against the New York bid. Finally, the fight over building a Manhattan stadium and the scramble to find an alternate site could prompt the IOC to look elsewhere.


Moscow 2012 Web Site

Score: 6.5

Population: 10,126,424

Last hosted Olympics: 1980

Overview: Moscow's Olympic bid is in line with the country's plan to reveal a "New Russia" to the world. It has proposed holding all of the Olympics within the city limits, making it the most compact location. Although it scored the lowest of the five cities, city officials believe holding the 2012 Olympics is still well within reach.

Pros: Moscow has experience with the Olympics, having held them in 1980, but those games were marred by a U.S.-led boycott because of the Soviet Union's then-new military campaign in Afghanistan. The bid has widespread public support. Some feel that Moscow deserves the chance to unveil the "New Russia" to the world, and that the 1980 Games were essentially hosted by a different country.

Cons: Scoring the lowest of the five cities, Moscow also failed to impress in a single category. An aging transportation system and limited accommodations might make it unrealistic for Moscow to cope with a massive influx of tourists.

Compiled by FOX News' Alex Wallace

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