Dream On, Italy!

If you want to be amused, Google the following words: Italy, CIA, spies, arrest warrants. Up will pop an amazing story.

Italy, or an Italian investigating magistrate, is issuing arrest warrants on 13 CIA operatives who Italy believes kidnapped an Islamic terrorist off the streets of Milan and shipped him to Egypt to be questioned — or to put it bluntly, tortured.

The terrorist is named Nasr Abu (search) something or other and he was operating an Al Qaeda cell out of Milan where he was proselytizing jihad against the U.S. and plotting with fellow travelers to do us harm.

Evidently, the CIA ops went there, bundled him into a van, took him to Aviano Air Force Base (search) and shipped him out of the country.

Sometime later he called his wife and said he'd been kidnapped to Egypt and tortured. Then he disappeared. Nobody's heard from him since.

Think he might be in Gitmo? Who knows?

Anyway, his wife complained to the Italians and they started investigating. They tracked cell phone records and entry logs at Aviano and they got hold of a $144,000 hotel bill. They connected all the dots and decided they wanted to arrest these 13 individuals thought to be CIA operatives.

They even caught wind of the damning info that the CIA ops had a blowout party after the snatch of the terrorist celebrating their fabulous bit of spy craft.

So now the Italians expect us to turn over the 13 CIA ops who snatched a terrorist from Italy.

There is zero chance this will actually happen. Less than zero chance. In fact, the chances here are measured like winter temps: -10 percent chance, -20 percent chance, maybe even a 50 below chance we will turn over our spies to Italy for prosecution after they grabbed a genuine bad guy off the streets of Italy.

Hey Italy, why did he seem to have the run-of-the-house over there? You knew what he was. Why did we have to do the snatching?

Oh, never mind, you're all so Euro over there. Can't be mean to our terrorists.

Well, we don't care. We can grab them and we will. And we aren't sending you our spies. But check out American TV on the 4th of July. We might just give them a parade.

That's My Word.

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