Fashion Guru Cojocaru Has More Surgery

Hollywood fashion commentator Steven Cojocaru (search) underwent surgery Monday for removal of a transplanted kidney that had become infected, a spokesman said.

Cojocaru, a correspondent for the syndicated Paramount Domestic Television shows "Entertainment Tonight (search)" and "The Insider (search)," was recovering at an undisclosed hospital after the surgery.

The kidney had become infected with a virus that can afflict transplant recipients and lead to eventual loss of a transplanted organ, according to Paramount spokesman Manfred Westphal.

Cojocaru was doing well Monday, Westphal said.

"My spirits have not been dampened in the least," Cojocaru said in a statement. "I'll be back to work shortly on the red carpet while I seek the right donor match for a new transplant."

He suffers from polycystic kidney disease, a hereditary disorder that causes the growth of cysts on the kidney. He received the transplant from a friend in January.

Cojocaru's own compromised kidneys were not removed during that operation and remain viable, Westphal said. Paramount was looking forward to his return to work when he is ready, the spokesman said.