Deadly Iraq Bombs Target Cops

A homicide car bomber blew himself up Saturday outside an Iraqi police officer's home north of Baghdad (search), killing at least six people and wounding at least a dozen, police said.

The homicide bomber, accompanied by another five cars loaded with heavily armed insurgents, slammed into a wall outside the home of Lt. Muthana al-Shaker (search) — a member of a special forces unit — in Samarra (search), 60 miles north of Baghdad, said Lt. Qassim Mohammed of the Samarra police.

All those killed were on the street when the attack occurred. Al-Shaker was not injured, Mohammed said.

Two insurgents were killed when a roadside bomb they were planting outside al-Shaker's house after the attack blew up, he said. That bomb was intended to kill police and emergency services members when they arrived at the scene, Mohammed added.