Topics for Saturday, June 25

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This week on "FOX News Watch"...

• The media and author Ed Klein's new book "The Truth About Hillary Clinton." Is the reaction to shocking charges made against both Mrs. Clinton and the author in the media much different from what anyone could have expected? Have the public and the press finally had enough of personal attacks? We'll debate it!

• Religion and the newsroom. Can the two co-exist? Why is one Indiana paper being sued by two former editorial writers for anti-religious bias?

And in our "Quick Takes on the Media" segment:

- Jennifer Wilbanks (search), the runaway bride, runs toward the camera and cash...

- Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's (D-Ill.) apology for his Guantanamo Bay remarks and presidential adviser Karl Rove's comments about conservatives and liberals. Is the media covering both men's words fairly?

- Should the media get the credit for finding missing Utah scout Brennan Hawkins?

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About the Show:

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Jim Pinkerton of Newsday

Jane Hall of American University

Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist and host of "After Hours" on FNC!

Neal Gabler, media writer and author

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