He Buried Her Alive

Here's why I'm for the death penalty: His name is John Couey (search). He's the one who killed Jessica Lunsford (search).

You remember her, right? She's the little girl that was snatched out of her bed at night. After a long search down in Florida, it turned out that she was in the house next door, kidnapped by a nut job sex offender named John Evander Couey.

Couey has now said what happened to Jessica Lunsford.

First, she was in a closet for three days — alive — in that house he was in and the cops came to the door but didn't search the house.

At the risk of offending people who worked so hard to find her, I think that might be a fact the police are reviewing and about which they are doing some self-evaluations. However, it's Couey's fault — he's the one who kidnapped her. There's no shifting blame off on cops.

But it gets worse and Couey has now admitted all this.

After three days he decided to had to get rid of her so he killed her — we knew that. What we didn't really know was how he killed her.

He buried her alive. He buried her alive while she was conscious. He didn't even have the simple consideration to knock her on the head and knock her out before he buried her alive.

This is why I'm for the death penalty. Somebody tell me why John Couey should be alive. If we're going to reserve the death penalty for the worst of the worst, this guy is it.

Scott Peterson got it and if he killed his pregnant wife and their baby on Christmas Eve, he deserves it. But if Peterson deserves it, Couey deserves it twice.

Why? Buried alive, that's why.

There are people who are philosophically opposed to the death penalty and they will say they are philosophically opposed to the death penalty for John Couey.

But if you say the following words and you will stop those people dead in their tracks and they will think for a moment and you can watch them wavering in their opposition to the death penalty:

"He buried her alive."

That's My Word.

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