8 Headless Bodies Found in Iraq

Iraqi security forces discovered the bodies of eight beheaded men Friday in two villages north of Baghdad (search), army officers said.

Six of the bodies belonged to Shiite farmers taken from their home in Hashmiyat, 10 miles west of Baqouba (search), by an armed group wearing Iraqi army uniforms late Thursday, army Capt. Hashim Amer said.

They were discovered more than a mile away from the house.

"All the corpses were dumped in a deserted area, and the knife which was used to slaughter them was placed near one of the bodies," Amer said.

The other two bodies were found in al-Nahrawan (search) district, about 12 miles southwest of Baqouba, army Maj. Fadhil al-Timimi said.

Earlier this month, police found 20 bodies in the al-Nahrawan area. All were blindfolded and their hands were tied behind their backs and they were shot from behind.

Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, is an insurgent stronghold.