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This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," June 21, 2005, that was edited for clarity.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: In an age where safeguarding your information is very important — actually, the most important thing — my next guest is here to offer a little bit of help. You might know him. The New York Mets' (search) G.M., Omar Minaya, spends most of his time on the road, knows how easily information can get lost or, even worse, leaked. He joins me now with ways to keep your work safe.

Good to have you.


CAVUTO: Is this problem for you, too?

MINAYA: Yes, I think it's a problem for all travelers, especially if you travel as much in the airport and trains, just the people wanting to know what kind of work you do and information that you may have in your laptop computer (search).

CAVUTO: All right, the laptop is the big thing. How do you safeguard that?

MINAYA: Well, the laptop, I use the 3M privacy filter (search) that's out there.

And this filter, pretty much, I can only look at it myself and right in front of me. For those people that have wandering eyes, you can stop those wandering eyes.

And then, a lot of times, myself, I kind of do not like to talk about what field I'm in, even though, when you are in the sports management field, people know that you...

CAVUTO: Well, everyone knows you. I mean, in the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey area, you're pretty familiar. So, if I get on a JetBlue flight with you, I'm going to look at what you are doing.

MINAYA: Yes. That's true. If you already know, ask questions about baseball...

CAVUTO: You would not even talk to me on a flight, would you?

MINAYA: Would I talk to you? I try to be friendly. I try to be friendly to people.


MINAYA: And I try not to be rude. There's no doubt.

CAVUTO: But, all right, now, I have heard the other laptops with the fingerprint technology and all of that.


CAVUTO: But is there anything else you can do?

MINAYA: Well, there's definitely things you can do for business travel.

If you travel a lot, I think you have to always be savvy about where you are traveling, as far as sort of who is in front of you, who is behind you, as far as information, talking on the cell phones. Don't talk too loud.

CAVUTO: Everyone talks loud on a cell phone. I feel like telling people, you don't have to. It's not necessary.

But they do. Why?

MINAYA: Well, a lot of it depends on what kind of quality cell phone you have.


MINAYA: But I think, those kind of areas, you be careful when you travel. Those are the tips that I would give.

CAVUTO: I have heard people — seriously — on some planes, doing what sound like multimillion-dollar deals on airplane and letting the whole cabin know what they're doing. Obviously, you don't do that.

MINAYA: Especially if you have a deep voice. And I think I have a deep voice. So, I have to be careful myself.

But those things, you have to be careful. Myself, I try to be aware of my surroundings.


Let's talk a little bit about the Mets this year. They're not doing great. They were doing great. I know they're playing roughly .500 ball. They're seven games out.

MINAYA: Close to .500 ball, yes.

CAVUTO: What happened? A couple of weeks ago, you were a couple of games...

MINAYA: Well, we had a bad road trip.

CAVUTO: Right. Right.

MINAYA: We had a bad road trip.

And the fact is that, you know, with this road trip that we had — we've been on the road now for a while. We are going to be going to Philadelphia. We are going to be going to Yankee Stadium. But we have, you know, we have got a young team. And, like, we have a young nucleus.

And young teams are going to be hot and cold.


MINAYA: But I think I like the future of where we're going. And I think our fans like the future.

CAVUTO: Now, it's interesting. You must look at the Nationals, because they're the old Montreal Expos.


CAVUTO: Everyone ignored them in Montreal. Talk about Rodney Dangerfield (search) — they got no respect. Now they're in first place.

MINAYA: Well, you know, that was the work that was done there when I was there with Tony Siegel and others that were there and in the front office.

CAVUTO: You must be impressed. These are a lot of the players that you nabbed.

MINAYA: Well, you know, we worked hard at it, but we're going to try to do the best we can to catch them. And we got a program in place when we first went over there. Now we're putting a program in place for the Mets, where we have some young...

CAVUTO: Does that kill you when you play the Nationals? Oh, my God. This is the team that I created and they're beating the heck out of us?

MINAYA: No. No. No.


MINAYA: Neil, I don't think I created. We worked hard at it as a group.

But, that being said, they have a plan was in place. It came to fruition today for them this year. And, look, it's about the plan. And I feel that what you are seeing there, hopefully, we're going to have here with the Mets.


The Wilpon family, are they anything like George Steinbrenner (search) with the Yankees? In other words, if you go through a downdraft, I mean, are you toast? I mean, do you feel like that?

MINAYA: No, like I said, I have been with the Mets now — before I went to the Expos, I was with the Mets. And I have a great — one of the reasons...

CAVUTO: So, they don't look at the standings every day?

MINAYA: Well, of course they look at the standings.

CAVUTO: So, when you see you're seven games out, do you just say, all right time to pack up?

MINAYA: No, no, no. Not at all. Very competitive, very supportive of what we do in the front office. And the reason we were able to get Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran and those kinds of guys was because of the ownership group that we have in place there.


Pedro seems to be settling in, in New York. I didn't think, after the Boston — New York fans would hate him after that. But at least, on the Mets, he seems fine.

MINAYA: Oh, Pedro is a personality. He brings energy to the stadium. I've got to tell you, whenever he pitches, the walk-up sales is much greater. And we have great visibility, not only in the New York area with the players, with the Major League players also, but great visibility throughout the baseball community.

CAVUTO: Now, the Yankees and Mets play again this weekend. Is that a big deal?

MINAYA: It is a big deal.

CAVUTO: Sort of like right to home dominance.

MINAYA: You know, if you are a New Yorker, you know, baseball is passionate. And it's a big deal for the fans.

For us, you know, it's about getting a win. We want to get as many wins as we can. But it's exciting baseball. And, for us, you know, to play the Yankees, look, it's about bragging rights for the fans.

CAVUTO: Yes, but what if New York's time has come and gone? You know, the Yankees haven't won a World Series since 2000, right?


CAVUTO: And a lot of people say, they're getting old. They're slipping away. The Mets, God bless them, we're just sort of like waiting for them to do something. But maybe all the action is focused on the Bostons and the Baltimores. And do you ever fear, in New York, that's it?

MINAYA: No. I can tell you about the Mets. I look forward to the future. I look forward to David Wright, Jose Reyes. I look forward to Beltran, us winning championships with the Mets. That is what I look forward to that.

CAVUTO: Yes. But you don't need a lot of money to do it, right?

MINAYA: Well, you have to invest wisely. And I think, your scouting and your player development system are very important.

CAVUTO: Omar, thank you very much. Good luck this weekend. Are you rooting for any particular team?


MINAYA: Definitely the Mets.

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